ECN CrowdCamp: University, Research and Crowdfunding


With crowdfunding rapidly growing and gaining popularity among entrepreneurs, startups and organizations, there is a need for research in the field. Little scholarly knowledge existing to this day is the first attempt at investigating and further developing crowdfunding as one of the best alternative ways to fund innovative projects.

We are pleased to announce that during our 3rd ECN CrowdCamp taking place on 28-29 June 2018, researchers from European universities will present their latest findings in the fields of civic crowdfunding and match-funding, and the economic and social impacts that such funding options produce in local communities and society as a whole.

ECN CrowdCamp: PANEL 4 (28 June 2018)

Meet the speakers:

  • Moderator: Ivana Pais, Associate Professor in Economic Sociology at Università Cattolica, Milano
  • Dan Marom, Partner at Irrational Innovations
  • Jonathan Bone, Quantitative Researcher at Nesta
  • Katja Verbeek, Lecturer and Applied Researcher, Odisee University College

Haven’t registered yet? Hurry up before the tickets sell out! Find the full version of the agenda, registration and more information here.


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